Penny J Leisch

Writer, Editor, Tutor

United States

Writing takes practice. Good writing takes experience. Blending writing and technology requires training. I offer all three. Nonfiction, creative nonfiction, and tutoring are my specialties.

Current technical skills and experience allow me to handle projects from start to finish and take project management headaches off your hands. I tailor content to different media formats based on the technology behind it, ensuring it works well for you.

Writing is no longer just writing. SEO protocol, along with proper use of tags, hashtags, keywords, structure, and more, gets your voice found by the internet and social media crowd. AI generates content and speeds up research, but a person needs to vet it for tone, style, and plagiarism to avoid bad publicity or even a lawsuit.

I'm thrilled to return to professional writing and technical work after recovering my sight.


Articles Newspaper & Magazine

NAWW Writer's Guide Winter
Photos Add $$$

Writer's Workshop Instructional Article

KTVK and Loving Pets Magazine
Good Golly Miss Molly

Molly is the co-host of a local television show, and plans for her first birthday are underway. Molly has a lot of ideas too. Since Molly can't talk, she needs a ghostwriter.

Blog/Web Content

Book Reviews

Story Circle Book Reviews
Review of A Princess Found

A Princess Found is a memoir about finding herself, exploring her past, and embracing her future.

Harper Perennial
The Queen

She was a working mom who was not born to be a queen.


Unpublished (this was a follow-up to a published article)
Death in the Desert

Steins Railroad Town


Product Review for Allwood Work Website (no longer active)

Product Review for Woodworking Website